SSL Cheatsheet for Java
Posted Mon 08 Jan, 2018, 12:07
We went back to Islay for a few days, staying in Bowmore this time. Great food, the best whisky in the world and fantastic beaches.
Posted Mon 30 Oct, 2017, 20:11
Photos from a very hot day riding 46 miles to Thripti at 3000 feet in the eastern mountains of Crete.
Posted Mon 31 Jul, 2017, 10:31
Photos from my 80 mile round trip bike ride around Ben Lomond. The photos are distinctly lo-res compared to previous albums due to switching to a new light-weight 2MP camera.
Posted Tue 04 Jul, 2017, 08:55
Is there anything more annoying than a clicky or skipping rear derailleur? No, I don't think so.
Posted Tue 13 Jun, 2017, 11:21
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The penny is starting to drop when it comes to Facebook's singular objective - profit from personal data. #indieweb
Posted Tue 20 Mar, 2018, 09:46
How to get to work? Hmmmm. Road report: Travel not advised. MTB report with full winter tyres: Conditions perfect. #mtb
Posted Wed 17 Jan, 2018, 09:16
Sometimes Facebook's reach can seem overwhelming and then your blog turns up above Facebook on google search. Go #indieweb
Posted Sat 30 Dec, 2017, 21:49