Cycling coast to coast for 134 miles across Scotland with my two sons in our first ever long-distance bike ride together on the John Muir Way. The terrain is a mixture of single track, disused railway, coastal walkways, canal tow paths and winding urban routes through villages and our capital Edinburgh. The diversity of terrain, landscape and scenery makes for an amazing ride.
Posted Sun 22 Apr, 2018, 09:28
SSL Cheatsheet for Java
Posted Mon 08 Jan, 2018, 12:07
We went back to Islay for a few days, staying in Bowmore this time. Great food, the best whisky in the world and fantastic beaches.
Posted Mon 30 Oct, 2017, 20:11
My 1600km journey through France on the 2017 French Divide with 100 other riders, starting at Dunkirk and aiming to finish in the Basque country.
Posted Fri 18 Aug, 2017, 08:44
Photos from a very hot day riding 46 miles to Thripti at 3000 feet in the eastern mountains of Crete.
Posted Mon 31 Jul, 2017, 10:31
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@johnmuirway My sons and I rode the #johnmuirway last weekend along the walking trail, so some big climbs! Was epic
Posted Sat 12 May, 2018, 12:00
#bikepacking with John Muir Way with my two sons seemed like a bonkers idea. But we made it. Blog here:
Posted Sat 12 May, 2018, 11:56
The penny is starting to drop when it comes to Facebook's singular objective - profit from personal data. #indieweb
Posted Tue 20 Mar, 2018, 09:46