Good article about the challenges of quitting Facebook. Own your data, it's the only way, and good to see personal graphs increasingly identified as the best way to do that.
Sat 20 Jul, 2019, 15:09
Just published my owner's review of the Kia E-Niro - an incredible new EV. This car is a game changer
Sat 06 Jul, 2019, 19:15
The deep water ore terminal being dismantled at Fairlie. Restoring the natural beauty after 50 yrs, my grandad would be pleased.
Sun 05 May, 2019, 13:30
Excellent article about bitcoin in the LRB. Technical but also digestible. Might need a second reading though, I quickly lose the thread when trying to get my head around bitcoin.
Sat 13 Apr, 2019, 10:28
Hamish in the snow today. Nae bother.
Sun 10 Mar, 2019, 15:17

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