triki is a graph web server and design studio combined. Designed from the start to be a simple but powerful graph wiki, triki gives all the convenience of a content management system without the system overhead.

A graph is a node relationship model that is natural way to hold all data backing a website. Whether this is personal data or business data, linked data technology represents related nodes in a graph network that effectively defines website structure.

All websites built and hosted by triki are 100% created using our unique and powerful studio. The studio is a web-based console where nodes can be added and edited. Content in the form of markdown, SVG, CSS or Javascript be added and edited. Any binary content like JPGs or PNGs can also be uploaded and referenced to build your pages.

Extended functionality can be added to triki by including modules at runtime. Several modules already exist to provide commonly used functionality for websites:

Several of these modules use asynchronous background processing to work behind-the-scenes to pull useful content into your data graph.

The name triki is derived from the concept of a triples wiki. Semantic triples are the classic subject : predicate : object triple that underpins all linked data graph data sets. And a wiki is obviously a website that is both readable and editable via the website itself.

Together, these two concepts capture the essence of triki.

You can access the source code here.