Adventures of Being Human
Author: Gavin Francis
Third Gavin Francis book I've read, always good. His writing has changed from being adventure based to focussing more on the real life stories from his work as a doctor in Edinburgh. Shines a light on the miracle of our bodies. The details of how a newborn baby's organs 'boot up' and cease their dependency on the umbilical is truly incredible.
39 Steps
Author: John Buchan
Interesting reading a book written over a hundred years ago on my new Kobo. Only the language cues the date written. Good spy, thriller story written in a way that now seems dated (re: class references etc) but still very enjoyable.
SAS: Rogue Heroes – the Authorized Wartime History
Author: Ben MacIntyre
Fascinating insight into societal misfits and army rejects that coalesced to form the SAS first in Africa and then ranging through Europe in WWII. Behind enemy lines with no backup, these guys exemplify the courage and strength of our elite unit.
North Waters
Author: Ian McGuire
Cracking book about Sumner, an Irish doctor and ex-soldier who takes a job on a whaler heading north to hunt whales, seals and anything else that moves. Totally engrossing as all the plots unfold and characters unhinge.