The news module brings into play another key element of the triki concept. Another key principle has always been that users should be able to enjoy the parts of the internet they are interested in with maximum ease and efficiency.

Rather than trawling through the several main websites that a site owner may regularly go to for news, the news module will use RSS to pull down headlines on a regular, scheduled basis. With this functionality, triki is taking care of the pulling of news into your graph, which you can then display on your web page.

RSS is an old format that has been around for for over 20 years, and it it encapsulates a useful but underused feature of the internet. Pull based communication gives the user full control of when and how they consume their news. Without this, we are at the mercy of the web page designers on the originating site and may have to navigate through many adverts or irrelevant content to find the information of interest.

New aggregators have been around for years, and offer precisely the same functionality as the news modules. The only key difference is that triki allows you to do it all from your own website, not via a separate desktop or mobile phone application.

The news module can be configured for two main sorts of feed content. There is news content which is expected to change very often and this is refreshed every 15 minutes. Then there is daily content which is from a source that may publish new content only infrequently (e.g. a magazine or someone else's blog), and this will refresh once a day.