The twitter module is a hybrid of the news and the share module which allows for content to be both pulled and pushed from Twitter.

As the most popular and open messaging framework, Twitter is an excellent place to look for recent news i.e. tweets. The module will periodcally connect to Twitter and pull back specific tweets that are of interest. More than one feed can be configured for Twitter, so you can group the resulting news feed within your site. The feed can be configured to select tweets based on who sent them, specific hashtags or many other options.

The Twitter API is rated so it is important to stay well below this, so the twitter module only refreshes these news feeds every 15 minutes.

The module can also be used to publish a tweet. A form is available to enter your carefully worded tweet which is then sent to Twitter for publication to the world, saving the same tweet to your graph. This approach, publishing to a third party sites and also saving to your local site, is called POSSE, in IndieWeb venacular.