dio - keep on runnin'

When we release open source software out into the wild it is often difficult to tell if is being used. Much to my surprise, dio is still being used after 15 years.

Posted: Wed 09 Mar, 2016, 20:04
dio is my one and only contribution so far to open source software - so far. Its been around for a long time now and honestly I had just about forgotten about it. The original runs on Solaris and I have not logged into a Solaris machine for about 10 years. Until today.

I logged into a Solaris box for the first time at my current employers. I have a habit of checking out /usr/local/bin on any *nix machine I log into - thats normal right? You can imagine my surprise when I found dio sitting there. One of very few specifically installed binaries.

So an SA at this place thinks it is still useful... 15 years after I wrote it. (!)

Time to get that Linux version publicised a bit more I think. There is life in the old dog yet.