My son has started coding

My eldest son has just started coding, something I confess I have mixed feelings about.

Posted: Sat 21 May, 2016, 11:32
My son has recently joined a Code Club at his school. It started as a trial for a few weeks and was so popular it has continued as regular thing now. My eldest son is 11 years old and really enjoying it. He now contiues it in his free time at home (!) - here is his one of his first projects:

This gives me slightly mixed feelings. On one hand, I am thinking 'at a boy. He has discovered the marvels of programming, a chip off the old block. On the other hand I am very proud to say that I take absolutely no responsibility for this. I have done everything possible to ensure he is diverted from computers as much as possible. He has plenty of access but definitely less than many.

It is probably Catch-22 at work here, the more I divert him away from something , the more interested he is.

Note to self: tell my sons how great something is to be sure they will never take any interest.