Shipping News... explored

A tribute a wonderful BBC institution by Lisa Knapp.
Posted: Sun 17 May, 2015, 14:01
If, like me, you feel a deep, comforting and somewhat confusing connection with the inimitable Shipping News on BBC Radio 4, then recommend listening to this song from Lisa Knapp. She sounds quite reminiscent of Bjork in this track, no bad thing. Another song to add to the growing catalogue that reference this very British institution. For me, its the connection it gives me with the enveloping sea that surrounds our small island and adds some much needed perspective in reassuring tones at 1am in the morning.

Lisa Knapp

Recently listened to another programme about the Shipping News and discovered two bits of trivia that just need to share. One, Fitzroy was renamed a few years ago to commemorate the founder of the Meteorlogical office, Vice-Admiral Robert Fitzroy. Before that it had been called Finisterre but had to be renamed to avoid confusion with the similarly named but smaller French shipping area.

Secondly, the byte on German Bight is not a computer byte but more like an anotomical bite. A bight in the nautical sense refers to a missing chunk of coastland where the line of the coast retreats. Kind of like a bay, but much bigger.