I've been mountain biking, on and off, for over twenty years. During that time I have had a four bikes. Firstly a Raleigh Lizard, which I thought it was awesome in 1994. Then a Giant Terrago Disc, which was not at all bad. Followed by a Specialized Rockhopper Sport XXL, which was pretty damn good - thanks to a few upgrades - and got me over the Hebridean Way and round the Cairngorm Loop. The MTB scene is awash with truly amazing machines but I like to keep it simple, with a hardtail that I can look after myself. As of April 2017 I am now the proud owner of a Sonder Broken Road Ti custom build with 29" wheel and Manitou Marvel forks. I rode this for the French Divide. A thing of beauty, which now my one and only bike.

I hit the trails most weekends - summer and winter, rain or shine. It gives me the fix I really depend on - fresh air, time away, exercise and a bit of andrenalin. Occasionally I manage to do longer route when on holiday or away for a weekend, and I've shared some of those routes here.

Posted: Fri 18 Aug, 2017, 08:44
My 1600km journey through France on the 2017 French Divide with 100 other riders, starting at Dunkirk and aiming to finish in the Basque country.
Posted: Tue 04 Jul, 2017, 09:56
With a rebuilt bike, a full day free at the weekend and a multi-day event coming up, I needed to do a long training ride from my home in Glasgow. This was the ride. 80 miles in total.
Posted: Wed 03 May, 2017, 11:32
A relentless self-supported mountain bike event through some of the most remote parts of the Cairngorms.
Posted: Wed 24 Aug, 2016, 09:03
An unexpectedly gruelling bikepacking adventure going North to South on the Hebridean Way. 225 miles in total. In two and half days. In bad weather. Carrying all my kit to wild camp. Against the prevailing winds. And against the clock to catch the ferry home.
Posted: Wed 03 Aug, 2016, 18:32
Journal of an amazing bike ride up to Sampzon and on to Vallon in the Ardeche region of France.